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WJU gets grant to improve health care education

Wheeling Jesuit University has been awarded a major grant to improve health care education to meet the needs of the future of the industry, particularly for underserved populations.

The Congregation of St. Joseph has awarded WJU a Generous Promise grant of $35,000 to develop an innovative, Collaborative Learning Model (CLM), which implements a trans-disciplinary systemic change in health care education. Central to the CLM is a new human adult patient simulator, which allows students to practice their skills in real life medical scenarios.

"With the help of this grant, Wheeling Jesuit students will be expertly prepared to incorporate advanced collaborative skills in their careers, which will position them well as health care professionals who will serve our community," said Rev. James Fleming, S.J., WJU executive vice president. "We are so grateful to the Congregation of St. Joseph for making it possible for our students to receive such an excellent learning experience."

The program replaces learning silos with interdisciplinary and collaborative academics and activities. The learning model shifts the paradigm in which health professionals are trained, encouraging them to work as highly skilled teams, improving patient care, especially for underserved populations. The learning model and patient simulator are essential components of WJU’s newly established College of Health Sciences.

"Quality health care requires a collaborative, respectful and evidence-based approach in treating to whole person," said Cam Twarog, WJU director of Clinical Education for WJU’s Respiratory Therapy program. "I’m proud to be part of an institution that is proactive in adjusting curriculum to meet the health care needs of today and tomorrow."

The Congregation of St. Joseph established the Generous Promise Grant Fund to support endeavors consistent with the Congregation’s mission and the work of the Sisters of St. Joseph. The award grants organizations and projects that actualize their Generous Promise goals, including the promotion of systemic change.

Wheeling Jesuit honored the Sisters on Tuesday with a dedication ceremony and ribbon cutting in the University’s new Health Sciences Simulator Laboratory in Donahue Hall.