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WLU and WALS Create Downtown Incubator - “Intellectual Capitol”

WLU and WALS Create Downtown Incubator - “Intellectual Capitol”


WHEELING, W.Va., Aug. 27, 2013  — West Liberty University (WLU) and Wheeling Academy of Law and Science (WALS) announced today the opening of a business incubator in the heart of downtown Wheeling known as “Intellectual Capitol.” 


“West Liberty University is partnering with the Wheeling Academy of Law and Science to create the first downtown business incubator. The West Liberty University Foundation has been involved with the support and funding of this opportunity and thanks Wheeling Academy of Law and Science founder Patrick Cassidy for his assistance in making this happen,” said WLU Foundation Board President Les DeFelice.


“This partnership will work with West Liberty graduates to create economic opportunity and businesses that grow, mature and stay in the Wheeling area,” added Dr. Carrie White, director of WLU’s Center for Entrepreneurship.


White will be co-directing Intellectual Capitol with Wheeling native Jay Good, who also is the executive director of WALS.


Attorney Patrick Cassidy, along with his wife, educator Mary Ellen Cassidy, founded Wheeling Academy of Law and Science and the WALS Foundation over a decade ago.


"Our dream in creating both the Academy and Foundation was ultimately to create economic opportunity through education. To be able to partner with West Liberty University in this way adds to our vision and creates a great opportunity for Wheeling.”


Located in the historic First State Capitol, 1413 Eoff St., Intellectual Capitol’s mission is to incubate graduates and mentor them with their business goals, ultimately launching WLU alumni into self-sustaining local businesses. 


Additionally, the incubator assists with technology and office needs, business planning, funding sources, locating clients and general business startup.


More than just a plan, Intellectual Capitol already has its first two clients and will be offering symposia and lectures, some for continuing education credits, at their downtown location.


Matthew Myles and Caleb Filburn, 2013 WLU graphic design graduates and founders of NEUE, a design and marketing company, are currently doing business at Intellectual Capitol’s headquarters in the historic building and have already attracted six clients.


“As students at West Liberty, we never thought that our dream to start a design business could happen so quickly after graduation. This is a tremendous program,” Filburn said.


"This incubator is not only an incredible asset for the region, but the realization of a vision that President Robin Capehart had over six years ago. Simply put: It creates jobs for West Liberty graduates,” Good said, “Intellectual Capitol will form and foster new businesses and interactions among both aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs and the area’s many talented professionals and corporations. It is a great opportunity to see Wheeling reborn as a vital business and educational hub.”


For more information on Intellectual Capitol, please contact Good at 304-312-4444 or White at 304-336-8159. For more information on WLU please visit westliberty.edu or call 1.866.WESTLIB.


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