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WLU Students Offer Design Service as Community Outreach

WEST LIBERTY, W.Va., Sept. 4, 2013 — Senior graphic design majors at
West Liberty University are once again offering their skills and
talents as a service to non-profit groups in the Ohio Valley.

For the past 14 years, WLU students have designed community projects
ranging from logos, posters, brochures, and billboards, to book
covers, presentations, signage and websites. Associate Professor James
Haizlett coordinates the program.

“This as an outreach to the community, helping organizations with
limited budgets receive the services of our highly motivated,
energetic, and creative students,” he said.

Haizlett is primarily interested in helping non-profit organizations
and groups who do not have the funds to hire professional design
services. The students form design “companies” and learn how to deal
with clients on a professional level, setting budgets, timelines and
following a design brief to completion.

"The experience is invaluable to the students because they learn how
to deal with “real world” clients. In turn, organizations throughout
the Ohio Valley receive excellent design work to help market their
organizations," Haizlett noted.

The program depends on local involvement and Haizlett asks that
interested organizations contact him to receive an application via
email at, jhaizlett@westliberty.edu or call 304-336-8077. Project applications must be
received by Sept. 8, 2013.

For more information on the graphic arts program, please visit the
College of Arts and Communication webpage,
westliberty.edu/arts-and-communication or call 866.WESTLIB.