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Pitch Contest for Entrepreneurs Planned in Downtown WLU Location

West Liberty University’s Center for Entrepreneurship will be hosting the Entrepreneurs Pitch Contest from 6-8 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 26 at the new Intellectual Capitol, located at located at 1413 Eoff Street, in the historic First State Capitol Building.

Intellectual Capitol is the first downtown Wheeling business incubator and is the result of a partnership between West Liberty University (WLU) and Wheeling Academy of Law and Science (WALS).

“It will be an exciting event where local and new entrepreneurs will be pitching their business ideas in order to earn start up funding,” explained WLU Professor Carrie White. The first WLU Pitch Contest was held last spring.

“We are pleased to have this event right in the heart of downtown Wheeling and look forward to hearing from many new businesses and entrepreneurs,” she added.

Intellectual Capitol’s mission is to incubate WLU graduates and mentor them with their business goals, ultimately launching them into self-sustaining local businesses.

Additionally, the incubator assists with technology and office needs, business planning, funding sources, locating clients and general business startup.

The Pitch Contest is geared toward all local entrepreneurs and small business owners. Participants get five minutes to explain their ideas to the audience, which includes potential investors for funding. The audience then bids on their favorite project. The winner takes home the total bid from the audience and a special cash award provided by sponsors.

Sponsors include West Liberty University’s Gary E. West College of Business and Center for Entrepreneurship, the Regional Economic Development Partnership and Vision Shared, Huntington, W.Va.

If you would like to attend or would like to "pitch" your idea, please contact White by Sept. 20 via phone at 304-336-8159 or email at cwhite@westliberty.edu.