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West Liberty University Offers New Degree

An accelerated degree aimed at individuals working in community education or hoping to find employment in non-formal education is now enrolling students at West Liberty University.

“Our Bachelor of Arts in Community Education degree is perfect for those who work with the public in non-formal education roles like camp directors, community outreach coordinators, parks and recreation leaders, grant writers, wellness specialists and so many others,” said Dr. Miriam Douglas, who is the new degree’s program director. “For the ambitious student, it can be completed in as little as three years.”

The 120-credit hour degree will prepare future leaders in all aspects of community education through working and teaching in 21st Century non-formal and informal learning environments.

“We encourage intelligent and creative individuals, interested in education that is not limited to traditional teacher education in classroom settings, to contact us to find out more about this new degree. We’re very excited about it and our current students are pleased,” Douglas said.

Students in the community education program select from one of six majors in:

  • Community Arts
  • Disabilities Services
  • Educational Leadership in Faith Organizations
  • Museum Education
  • Outdoor Education
  • Sports, Recreation and Wellness

Core also finds the opportunity for an internship and the chance to study abroad attractive.

The curriculum also is designed to structure, facilitate and promote the 21st Century skills of critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. Students are encouraged to communicate and collaborate with many individuals, groups and community institutions.

Each major has a particular track of courses to complete but Dr. Douglas is more than willing to assist students in finding the best option for earning their college degree.

For more information, please contact Dr. Douglas at,  miriam.douglas@westliberty.edu or call 304-336-8561. For more information about the College of Education, please click here.


For the full story, please click: westliberty.edu/news/news/college-of-education-now-offers-new-degree-geared-towards-community-employment/