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Wheeling Dog Park Announcement

WHEELING -It’s long-awaited news for area dog owners, and by next spring or summer, you’ll be able to take man’s best friend to the Wheeling Dog Park. 

The city of Wheeling and ’Wheeling Dog Park Associated’ have agreed on a site for the park at the Tunnel Green Recreation Complex. 

The location seems to meet everyone’s needs. The site has a baseball field, a roller hockey site and a basketball court. Adjacent to the parking lot, there’s a three-acre wooded area that has never been used. The space is owned by the city and a local engineer is donating his services to design it.

"There will be separate pens for dogs under 30 pounds and over 30 pounds and we hope there will be water on site and waste disposal. And each pen will have a bit of a walking trail so people can get their own exercise while their dogs exercise," said Dog Park Coordinator Jeremy Morris.

They’ll use the $25,000 they won in the Pet Safe Bark for Your Park Competition and the park should be open by Spring or Summer 2015, and will stay open year-round from dawn until dusk.

Opportunities to volunteer will be announced soon.