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New Owners for Local Business

OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. – A business in the Ohio valley since 1854 will stay put, and new, still local, leadership will now take over. Warwood Tool has been in Wheeling for 16 decades. On Thursday, the new owners finalized a deal. The Haranzo family said they wanted to keep the business local, so after offers from all over the world, they decided to sell Warwood Tool to three men from the area. And city leaders say they hope the business is there for another 100-plus years. Nestled at the back of North 19th Street in Warwood, Warwood Tool is a multi-million dollar, tool-making company that has been in the Ohio Valley for more than 160 years. The company got its start in the 1800s, but former Wheeling Mayor James Haranzo’s family has owned it since 1965. "I have been in Wheeling, West Virginia, and this is my home and my friends,” Haranzo said. “And I want Warwood Tool to remain here, and I want the people working here to be from Warwood.” Haranzo says American soldiers have relied on Warwood Tool in every war since the Civil War. He says their sledge hammers were even used to demolish the statue of Saddam Hussein in 2003. "I really think "made in America" is going to be bigger, and bigger and bigger because this is where people look for a good product and we’re making a good product,” Haranzo said. On Thursday, the Haranzo family handed over the reins to new owners, father and CEO Mike Carl, his son Philip Carl, and Logan Hartle. "We just fell in love with the product, the factory, the people here, the staff,” Hartle said. “The Haranzo family has been great, and it’s been a wonderful experience all around.” "They have had many opportunities to sell this business to out-of-town companies, and they’ve decided to keep it here with the Carl family,” Vice Mayor of Wheeling Gene Fahey noted. Hartle says they employ a little more than a dozen people right now, but there are plans for the future. "We absolutely intend to grow this company and make jobs in the Wheeling area,” Hartle said. “So we want to give back to our community that way and are really excited about it." "It’s an enormous positive for it to be in the city of Wheeling, and it’s also enormous to have tools made in the USA that are used throughout the country,” Fahey said. That deal was made official by the two parties and Main Street Bank on Thursday morning.