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Williams Lea Profits on Growth

From http://www.timesleaderonline.com

WHEELING — Williams Lea and its Wheeling office is poised to weather the storm of a challenging economy and capitalize on opportunities for growth and expansion.

Williams Lea is a global business process outsourcing company focused on providing corporate information solutions. The company provides expert production to delivery management of all printed and digital information an organization shares with its internal and external audiences.

In 2005, Williams Lea established an outsource hub in Wheeling at the former Stone & Thomas department store building on Main Street in downtown. Wheeling’s operating model is based on “the centralization of support services, leveraging an attractive cost base, unwavering work ethic and effective workflow management.”

The very nature of Williams Lea’s service offering enables the company to continue to provide business process outsourcing to companies all over the world.

As more and more companies seek out opportunities to manage their cost base more effectively and streamline their internal processes, Williams Lea is working to provide innovative outsourcing solutions.

Williams Lea’s history of providing value-added services to its clients enables it to engineer cost-saving business solutions for the growing pool of companies looking for ways to increase net worth while decreasing spending. For the Wheeling office of Williams Lea, this means untold potential growth.

Williams Lea Vice President of Document Services John Snowdon said the success of the Wheeling office is due to a significant labor pool that is well-educated and has a strong work ethic.

“Our region’s pool of highly skilled, dedicated workers coupled with the relatively low cost of doing business will enable Williams Lea Wheeling to offer significant cost savings to clients in more expensive metropolitan areas,” Snowdon said.