Williams Lea Growth & Expansion

November 12, 2014

Growth of Williams Lea Group’s Wheeling Operations Center accelerates 

The Williams Lea Group announces continued and aggressive expansion plans for their Wheeling operations center. A ribbon cutting ceremony today officially opened an additional 11,250 of square footage at the historic Stone Center building on Main Street in Wheeling, bringing their total space to just under 50,000 square feet. With this expansion comes a variety of new opportunities for employment.

The recent expansion is driven by a projected 30% growth in new client activity for just this year and builds on another 30% growth over the preceding 18 months. With over 300 employees currently supporting its blue chip client base, a Tag creative studio and Williams Lea Group corporate services, the Group is expecting to fill another 100 new positions in the near term.

“Williams Lea has honored their commitment to the city of Wheeling, with their investment in jobs and infrastructure,” said Andy McKenzie, Mayor, City Of Wheeling. “They provide good jobs, with good pay and good benefits. They’ve been a wonderful addition to Downtown Wheeling and the entire Ohio Valley.”

The Williams Lea Group includes Williams Lea and Tag Worldwide. Williams Lea is a global leader in providing specialist Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services which re-engineer information flows and improve business performance for global firms while Tag, a leading brand services company, works with global brands to deliver marketing communications consistently across all media and all markets through smart centralization of production.

Don Rigby, Executive Director of Regional Economic Development Partnership, also commented, “Williams Lea is the best anchor tenant we could have in our Stone Center development project.”

Williams Lea operations at the Stone Center currently include document creation and word processing, creative services, administrative services, as well as finance and accounting support functions for some of the world’s largest law firms, investment banks, pharmaceutical and financial services organizations.

Tag operations offer exciting new opportunities for local individuals in the arts. Spanning creative development, campaign execution and production management, Tag team members work in tandem with clients in legal, financial services, retail and consumer goods sectors to deliver global communication and marketing solutions.