Outsourcing / Shared Services and Back Office Operations

The RED Value Proposition: Cheaper, Faster, Better

The RED region offers an ideal setting for outsourcing / shared services and back office operations and management for businesses relocating operations the RED region.

Wheeling, West Virginia is considered a desirable location for Shared Service Center operations.  The community provides a desirable investment climate and is able to provide a notable value proposition for shared service and back office operations.

Source: Shared Services Capability assessment by Deloitte Consulting LLP 2006

The RED region is capable of supporting a center characterized by its traditional rule-based transactional processes of a company:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement
  • IT

Moving your operation to Wheeling or surrounding area can give you access to cost-effective services.  You’ll receive the same services with the same level of quality for a much lower cost.  You can also save on capital expenditures and training costs.

Outsourcing/Shared Services and Back Office Operations in the RED region has several benefits:

  • The RED region offers dramatically lower real estate and operation costs.  Your business can expect its overhead to be reduced, representing significant improvement in cost savings.
  • Wages among the Wheeling MSA talent pool are typically much lower than major market U.S. wages.
  • In the RED region alone, there are over 4,500 quality finance and information technology professionals.  These individuals provide their talent and skill to successfully command your operations.
  • Save on time, effort and infrastructure, while reducing capital costs and minimizing expenses

Businesses successfully using outsourcing in Wheeling MSA

The quality of the work force in the greater Wheeling area is equal or superior to other U.S. cities. We found in Wheeling and surrounding areas, a high-caliber, well-educated work force with solid skill sets. We were able to fill all of our back office positions with qualified, enthusiastic people.” – Orrick